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Why we stand apart from other trade finance providers

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Are you ready to consider a new trade finance provider?

If you are looking to switch to a new trade finance provider, we’re confident our funding solutions are hard to beat.

Discover how our in-depth knowledge and experience of funding international businesses could help you to broaden your horizons.

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Funding for importing and domestic trade

We’re an international business operating throughout Europe and Asia and we offer expert Trade Finance support for more than 70 industry sectors.

Our clients receive a personal service which is responsive to their needs from team members with in-depth knowledge of international trade finance.

Our Dublin-based team will service you with the support of our Trade Finance division in the UK which has supported businesses for over a decade.

We’ll support you by providing funding when you buy goods overseas and handle the payment of suppliers and collecting customer payments.

How it works

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You order from your supplier.

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On receipt of the agreed documentation we make the payment to the supplier and the goods are shipped

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Following delivery of the goods, you repay us once the goods are sold or from your invoice finance facility.

Advantages of our solutions over other trade finance providers


Competitive and fair pricing – we are funded through the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland which gives us access to lower cost funds. We pass that full advantage on to our clients.

We pay when your goods are shipped –don’t worry about finding the money to pay your suppliers when they ship your goods, we can make a same-day payment for you once we receive the relevant paperwork.

We pay your Duty, VAT and freight payments – giving you the confidence your goods will keep moving once they enter the country and enable you to fulfil your orders.

Pay your suppliers in any currency you need – we handle over 65 currencies and you don’t need to worry about arranging transfers of funds as we can do this for you, hassle-free.

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Get access to more funding options

Our clients can also access our Foreign Exchange service, which will allow you to transact in the currency of your choice. Our service also offers the choice of fixing the rates of future trades to minimise the risk of price fluctuations. And our market-leading exchange rates mean you’ll get a great deal.

You can ensure you are protected from the impact of a customer’s insolvency, or their inability to pay, through our Bad Debt Protection cover. This means you can trade confidently in the knowledge that an agreed percentage of your invoice’s value will be paid even if your customer is unable to.

International trade funding

Having a Trade Finance facility in place is a huge benefit. We work with Bibby Financial Services more as partners than supplier and customer and the team’s expertise is undoubtedly a huge advantage for us Simon Hassell, Bluechipworld Sales and Marketing Limited

9 reasons to choose our Trade Finance

  • Pay for your goods before they are shipped
  • Suppliers paid against shipping documentation
  • Duty, VAT and Freight paid the same day your goods arrive
  • Choose from over 65 currencies to pay your suppliers
  • Credit management and optional Bad Debt Protection and Foreign Exchange services

  • Flexible payment options
  • Access to our trade and currency specialists, and multilingual credit control team
  • Access to our international network providing local knowledge of overseas markets
  • A personalised service through one dedicated point of contact