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Bringing lasting benefits to your clients

Working with us is easy. We’ll work closely with you to understand you and your clients’ needs to ensure that our products and services bring lasting benefits to both your business and your clients. 

We also work hard to help you understand the features and benefits of our funding options.  Making it easier for you to identify opportunities where we can help your clients with our funding and support.

Six easy steps to get the right funding for your clients

  • Step 1: Quick response, local manager

Your introduction will be responded to quickly and professionally by an experienced local Business Development Manager. Your introductions will be handled with care and integrity keeping you informed at all times during the negotiations and throughout the process, even once your client has agreed a facility with us. 

  • Step 2: Business review

We will usually conduct a detailed business review and will work quickly to ascertain the most suitable facility for your client. Following this we will provide you and your client with a clear idea of all the options, ensuring the solution offered is right for their individual business needs.

  • Step 3: Fast decisions, access to cash

Once the facility is in place, your client can swiftly access all aspects of their sales ledger, acting as a beneficial business tool.

  • Step 4: Comprehensive reporting at the touch of a button

Once the facility is in place your client can access information on every aspect of their sales ledger with us. This is turn often helps make auditing faster and easier.

  • Step 5: Personal care

Your client will be allocated a local Client Manager to make sure the service they receive is the most appropriate for their needs. Your views, and those of your client, will be regularly sought to make sure service levels you expect are being maintained.

  • Step 6: Successful introductions
Upon a successful introduction you can choose to accept a commission payment as a thank you for referring a business to us. Alternatively, you can chose to share this payment with your client or we can donate its value to a charity of your choice. 

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