Breaking the funding mould

At a time when many SMEs across Ireland are looking to grow and scale up their businesses, it has become apparent that the funding they need is not always readily available. With economic recovery in Ireland truly hitting its stride, it is important that small businesses have a system of financial support that grows in tandem with them.

At Bibby Financial Services Ireland we help businesses access cash tied up in unpaid invoices, allowing SMEs to focus on expansion instead of worrying about cash flow.

Our 2016 global survey highlighted that two-fifths (39%) of Irish SMEs pinpoint cash flow as the most concerning issue for their business. Being able to increase the size of your invoice finance facility as your business grows will directly combat this and is a major benefit, along with the speed of service, when compared to traditional funding models. Getting a decision in days rather than weeks can be vital for a business’s cash flow.

Ireland’s growing economy has stirred a highly competitive marketplace for small businesses. The ability to rapidly raise and deploy funds can be hugely beneficial in keeping your business a step ahead. We have already seen huge interest in our finance products across a broad range of industry sectors including recruitment, distribution, haulage and manufacturing. And with the challenges faced by Ireland’s smaller companies in accessing credit, BFSI’s products are able to fill the gap left by more restricted bank terms. 

Along with our products to solve your cash flow issues, our 40 global offices in places like UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong and the USA can facilitate entry into new export markets. Ultimately, if you want flexibility and growth in your business, then you need capital that matches your level of sales.

Those interested in discussing invoice finance should contact us on 01 297 4911 to speak with our regionally based Business Development team.

Posted on 6 April 2017

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