The secret to customer satisfaction and how it can help your business

The secret to customer satisfaction and how it can help your business


By Bibby Financial Services

29 Aug 2019

The success of any business – no matter its size or sector – is based on the strength of its relationships with its customers. This may be more obvious for some businesses than others, with those in retail, for instance, having an obvious need to build brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. But it’s equally important for transport and freight businesses, who must build and cultivate a reputation for punctuality and timeliness with their clients.

No matter the sector then, strong client relationships are essential to business success. But these take time and commitment to build and rest on mutual trust – the belief that all parties are pulling in the same direction, and working towards achieving mutually shared goals.

At Bibby Financial Services, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We care about helping businesses achieve their aspirations, and have developed a trusted internal process that underpins all our client relationships. We’re delighted that this approach has been of such benefit to our clients, leading to a client satisfaction rating of 95%. In addition, 92% of our clients recognise that we genuinely care about what they and their business want to achieve, and therefore choose to partner with us over the long-term.

So what’s the secret of our success when it comes to fostering and promoting productive, long-term client relationships?

First, it’s important to ensure absolute transparency and clarity in all client interactions. People appreciate when language is straightforward and jargon-free, which again helps build trust and avoid any misunderstandings. Our team also make sure that our clients’ objectives and goals are discussed from the outset – and kept front of mind going forwards. Indeed eight out of ten clients say they trust Bibby Financial Services Ireland because of the transparent way funding decisions are made.

We take pride in learning as much about our clients as possible, as it’s only through understanding their business that we can identify how best to support them. This is ultimately reflected in meeting our clients’ goals, with 90% agreeing that our understanding of their business has helped them grow.

Lastly, we look to maintain strong communications to work as closely alongside our clients as possible. But this doesn’t mean spamming them with emails! Instead, we always look to ensure that our communications are timely, relevant, in a format that suits the client, and ultimately add real value to their business.

The benefits of this approach have been borne out by the overwhelmingly encouraging response we’ve received from clients, with 89% agreeing that our knowledge and expertise – spanning a wide range of different industry sectors – has helped them to achieve more. As well as the knowledge, we also have a range of funding products that can be tailored for any business, helping to safeguard cashflow, fund fast growth, management buy-outs or family successions. When compared with traditional lenders, we offer a more flexible approach to funding – and 88% of our clients cite this flexibility as a key advantage to partnering with Bibby Financial Services Ireland. If you’re interested in learning more about how, together, we can help your business achieve its full potential, contact a member of our team today.

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