Navigating Economic Challenges: Insights for Ambitious SMEs

Updated: 31 May 2023

Welcome to the Bibby Business Insights podcast, dedicated to entrepreneurs and business owners. In this series, we provide valuable insights and expert advice on navigating the current economic environment for Irish SMEs. From long-term finance funding to cash flow management, exporting opportunities, and business performance metrics, we cover it all.


In this episode, we dive into the success story of ERG Group, a prominent supplier of refrigeration and ancillary services in the Irish hospitality industry. Our guest, Jimmy Guerin shares his experiences and offers valuable tips for fellow business owners. You'll gain actionable strategies to thrive amidst economic challenges, optimise cash flow, and unlock growth opportunities. Don't miss this inspiring conversation filled with valuable insights for ambitious SMEs.

ERG Group: 35 Years of excellence in refrigeration and ancillary services

Discover the success story of ERG Group, a leading supplier of refrigeration and beer systems to the Irish hospitality sector. Learn how they've grown their business over 35 years, serving major breweries, hotels, pubs, and renowned clients like Guinness and the Three Arena.

The power of personal relationships in business

Dive into the significance of personal relationships in business success. Hear how ERG Group values their relationship with Bibby Financial Services as a crucial stakeholder. Discover the benefits of open and honest discussions, and the advantages of working with like-minded, ambitious, and enthusiastic professionals.

Navigating the current economic environment

Explore the economic challenges faced by businesses, including high interest rates, supply chain issues, and energy costs. Hear Jimmy's optimistic perspective on overcoming these challenges through effective credit control, selective partnerships, and a positive outlook.

Understanding Invoice Finance for business growth

Gain insights into the concept of invoice finance and its impact on business growth. Learn how it leverages receivables to unlock cash flow, offering flexibility and allowing businesses to seize opportunities. Discover the ways in which ERG Group utilised invoice finance to navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

Bibby Financial Services a preferred partner

Explore the partnership between ERG Group and Bibby Financial Services. Discover how ERG Group leveraged invoice discounting to fund an acquisition and maintain financial stability during supply chain challenges. Learn about the advantages of working with Bibby Financial Services and our unique approach to decision-making.