Relocating businesses to Ireland

Updated: 27 July 2022

Financing solutions for businesses expanding into Ireland

Increasing numbers of businesses are making their home in Ireland thanks to its membership of the EU and the common usage of English – the global language of business.

While the situation surrounding Brexit has caused much uncertainty, many businesses which need unrestricted access to EU markets are opting for the business-friendly climate here.

UK-based businesses and those from other parts of the world which need to realign operations in a post-Brexit world, will encounter a country which will welcome them with open arms.

Business finance options in Ireland

Businesses which require finance to fund expansion plans and support cash flow management may need to consider flexible options outside of traditional bank loans.

For those which already use alternative finance solutions such as Invoice Finance, the good news is that this option is well established here.

Funding solutions from BFS Ireland

We offer a range of Factoring and Invoice Discounting solutions which can help with the expansion plans of businesses of all sizes and across many industries.

The products and services we offer include:

  • Factoring – access the value of your outstanding invoices before they are paid while we manage your credit control
  • Invoice Discounting – offers the same benefits as Factoring, but you retain responsibility for collecting your payments
  • Recruitment Finance – tailored funding for recruitment agencies which allows you to pay temporary workers and contractors while waiting for your invoices to be settled
  • Export Finance – supports those that are already doing business overseas or may want to take advantage of international markets
  • Foreign Exchange – allows you to make and receive payments easily and swiftly across the world
  • Trade Finance – gives you access to all or part of the cash you need upfront when you buy goods from overseas
  • Bad Debt Protection – provides reassurance you’ll still be paid even if your customers are unable to make payments

Why choose BFS Ireland?

While the Dublin branch of Bibby Financial Services opened in 2006, our history goes back to 1985 when the company was formed in the UK.

Today we support 9,000 businesses from branches across Europe and Asia with a funding capability of over €1 billion.

Whether you are a client in the UK or Ireland, you can expect the same relationship-based approach to funding support.

Thanks to our global scale and expert local knowledge, our financial solutions will support your cash flow so you can focus on growing your business.