Invoice Finance Costs

Updated: 27 July 2022

Do hidden charges conceal the true Invoice Finance costs?

In the past, Invoice Finance was seen as an expensive last resort for companies in financial distress. Concerns about excessive or hidden charges put off some companies from considering this financing option.

Today, you should expect that an established and credible Invoice Finance company will be transparent about its finance costs. The actual cost of Invoice Finance will usually depend on the services you use and the number of invoices being handled. However, if you still aren’t clear about the cost of a product or service after speaking to an Invoice Finance company, then walk away.

How we tailor finance costs to your needs

Invoice Finance is a fast and flexible means of accessing cash tied up in unpaid invoices. Although there are fees involved, we are very open and communicate the costs clearly.

We offer a competitive and affordable solution. Unlike bank loans you only pay for the funds you need, not for the full amount made available to you.

This works because you agree an advance on the percentage of your invoice that you need immediately with the balance. It can also be less costly than giving away equity to secure funding or passing up a sales opportunity because you did not have the required liquidity.

And our partnership with the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), a state backed agency created to deliver lower funding costs to SMEs, allow us to offer a discounted services to qualifying businesses.

Need financing fast?

The speed of Invoice Finance is a key differentiator to traditional forms of financing because cash can be released with 24 hours. This can have a huge impact when securing new contracts or purchasing assets or acquiring a new business.

Speed is critical in these scenarios and the finance costs involved with an Invoice Finance facility is usually outweighed by the benefits it can deliver.

The facility can also provide Bad Debt Protection, offering peace of mind that you are covered if your customers get into financial difficulty.

Need more information about finance costs?

At Bibby Financial Services we are committed to working in partnership to deliver tailored solutions and we work with transparency and professionalism to ensure our customers understand what is involved from our first meeting.

We believe in our clients’ businesses and will work together to provide the right funding solution. This means we are up front and open about our fees, ensuring a fair relationship from the start.