Credit Control Management

Updated: 26 July 2022

Collecting money from customers the professional way

Our relationships are forged by helping our customers to achieve success. We will not hassle or upset your customers but work professionally and sensitively.

In certain circumstances you can manage your own credit control and contact your customers for payment yourself. Or we can perform this service on your behalf using our dedicated credit control team which can also be employed in a confidential manner.

The flexible nature of Invoice Finance means you can concentrate on running your business safe in the knowledge that there is a finance business partner acting in your best interests. This can be of particular help if you face challenges with late payments.

We needed a company who would support us with all aspects of the business from cashflow to VAT and PRSI. Working with Bibby has taught us good money skills, which are critical to any SME. We found that much of our time was spent collecting money rather than developing our business – it was fantastic to be able to access finance, safe in the knowledge that we now had the time and space available to us to grow our business. SYLVIE NEYLON, FOUNDER OF NEYLONS

Benefits of credit control management support

There’s another benefit of working with us too. Credit control management with Invoice Finance places a focus on how long it is taking customers to pay and an awareness of the potential risks. This enables you to manage your business in the most efficient way.

With our credit control management support, you no longer need to worry about sending mixed messages - doing more work for your customers while issuing reminders about being paid for previous work. You can really nurture the relationship safe in the knowledge that you are leveraging our expertise to ensure you are paid on time.

Our role is to help free up working capital, allowing you to focus on the running of your business and providing you with the confidence that you have the cash to support your growth plans.

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